Letter From the President of The National Urban League

For decades, African Americans and underserved urban communities have struggled to overcome economic and social injustices. Since 1910, the National Urban League – a historic organization grounded in social services, civil rights, and economic justice – has been a force for progress. Through its ninety Affiliates in three-hundred urban communities, located in 36 states and the District of Columbia, more than two million individuals are served each year.

While progress has been made, vast disparities remain in jobs, education, housing, and health in divided American cities today. The National Urban League must accelerate our growth and strengthen our programs to serve more individuals, deliver effective services, and harness a collective voice of advocacy to enact change locally.

The National Urban League has a unique opportunity to develop the Urban League Empowerment Center (ULEC) which will house the NUL Institute for Race, Equity, and Justice, a resource and professional development center for Affiliates. It will also serve as a hub for research and the open exchange of ideas – by partners and thought-leaders – that foster innovation; and, equally important, there will be a museum that will showcase the civil rights movement from the Harlem lens.

A permanent home for the Movement, the ULEC will serve as a catalyst for elevating the Movement by strengthening each Affiliate and collectively addressing inequalities across the country as a more united, powerful, and transformational solution to urban issues.

Together, we can significantly, and permanently move the needle towards lasting equality– and, the time is now. We invite you to join us in this historic opportunity to lift our urban communities and create a better, more equal America for all.


Marc Morial
President and CEO National Urban League