Located on 125th Street in central Harlem, the Urban League Empowerment Center will provide 20,000 square feet of exhibition and programming space for The Urban Civil Rights Museum in Harlem, New York’s first-ever museum dedicated to civil rights.

A Harlem Welcome Center

The Urban Civil Rights Museum in Harlem will be a first stop for area visitors, with a focus on the development of Harlem as a “beacon for African American progress.” Exhibitions and programs will use high- and low-tech interactives to create opportunities for exploration of Harlem-area attractions, historic and contemporary sites of interest. The Museum would look to partner with area organizations, tour companies, and institutions to serve as an orientation site for tours and activities, preparing visitors and residents alike with fun experiences.

An Information Hub: This space will provide resources for residents and visitors on cultural opportunities throughout the area.

A Museum Focused on Urban Civil Rights:

The Museum’s permanent exhibition, developed in partnership with Local Projects, and its educational and public programs will:

  • Showcase the role of the civil rights movement in the development of northern cities
  • Provide interactive and educational experiences suitable for children and adults about the long, historic fight for justice featuring individuals and organizations that were key in the Movement, including the National Urban League’s work in helping historically disadvantaged people pursue, obtain, and maintain economic and social opportunities
  • Capture the stories of the Harlem Renaissance and the Great Migration and ways people have organized to secure better lives for themselves

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