We believe empowering and developing our leaders will improve and resolve entrenched and incipient community issues. To ensure the National Urban League’s commitment to support these rising stars, we need to be equipped with the necessary resources.

The National Urban League Conference Center will serve as a catalyst for enrichment by integrating a newly designed portfolio of avant-garde programs into our current business model.

To manage the consistent changes and anticipate the needs in our urban communities during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the National Urban League Conference Center will welcome industry experts and host keynote speakers to advise and counsel on the most pressing issues.

We recognize strategic partnership from diverse sectors will be essential in maximizing the National Urban League’s mission. It is paramount that we collaborate with outside organizations through data, research, and analytics, so, this hub will also be a location where government, corporate and nonprofit entities will convene at summits. Reputable leadership will have the opportunity to engage in face-to-face dialogue while exploring challenges and strategizing innovative solutions to address the problematic inequalities in our country.

The National Urban League is the leading authority on urban issues in America – truly understanding the root causes of inequity and developing the most effective and innovative ways to impact lasting change. I support the National Urban League because I believe in equal access to opportunity for all Americans.  The work of the Urban League levels the playing field, lifts our urban communities, and elevates economic equity for all.

– The Late John Hofmeister, Founding Building Committee Chair, National Urban League

A 60,000 square foot center, the National Urban League Conference Center will offer a plethora of opportunities for our Affiliates and other external leaders. Specifically, it will feature an expanded training rubric of contemporary approaches, best practices, and year-round training geared towards improving Affiliate leaders’ capacity to create and effectively deliver impactful programs in their communities.

A resource area will be provided with a comprehensive collection of traditional and online research materials to guide and enhance services and training needs. The available resources will focus on matters central to the National Urban League’s mission and growth, including Advocacy, Cross-Sector Collection, Communications and Marketing, Fundraising, and Leadership.

While this new home will be a central component of the Urban League Empowerment Center and provide invaluable support and opportunity for the Affiliates, it will also welcome leaders from across all sectors to establish cohesive plans and incubate solutions to address the issues that continue to impede the 21st century.

The Urban League Empowerment Center is a historic endeavor that will redefine the way we empower communities and change lives. Please consider how you can support a future where economic self-reliance, power, parity, and civil rights are a reality for all.

JOIN US in the campaign for equity.